Bridal Beauty: 60 Days Before the Wedding


Brides, it’s time to learn from my mistakes! About 2 months before my wedding I decided to get eyelash extensions. I got a full set from a reputable salon near my home. The lashes were long and full and looked quite natural. I ended up having to cancel the appointment I had made to get fills put in due to a scheduling conflict and couldn’t get a new appointment in time for the wedding. In a panic I booked an appointment for three days before the wedding with a different salon that also does waxing and nails. After the appointment I noticed that one of my eyes was red and was burning quite a bit. The technician told me that during application she had lifted my eyelid and that the burning was from the glue fumes. As the day went on my eye started to get more and more red and I was becoming quite worried. I met up with my sister in the late afternoon and the moment she saw my eye she dragged me to a clinic. Turns out when the technician lifted my eyelid she got a drop of glue in my eye which gave me a chemical burn on my eye 3 days before my wedding. The doctor (who seemed to find the whole situation quite amusing) told me it would most likely take 5 days to heal and sent me off with some drops. I’m not going to pretend that I was mature about the whole situation. I pretty much bawled for a day and a half and even cancelled dinner plans with one of my bridesmaids who had just flown in from Toronto. Finally, the day before the wedding I decided to get a grip and not let my red eye ruin everything. Then on my wedding day I woke up and my eye was almost completely normal. It was a wedding miracle! So the most important lesson to be learned from this frightening story is to relax. I got myself all stressed out and kept myself from enjoying the excitement of those few days leading up to the wedding. In the end everything worked out and all that stress was for nothing. I’m still a little bit mad at myself for getting so worked up about the whole thing but enough time has passed that I can laugh about it now. However, I don’t think I’ll be getting anymore eyelash extensions in the near future! Read on for more life lessons and my top tips for bridal beauty 60 days before your wedding.

1. Schedule a trial run for any procedures outside your normal beauty routine. You’ll want to have your first treatment at least 60 days before the wedding in case you have an adverse reaction (or get a chemical burn on your eye). Once you have a successful treatment book any follow up appointments with the same technician at the same salon. This will limit your exposure to new products that you could potentially have a reaction to right before the big day.

2. Book your makeup artist. If you’re getting married during “wedding season” leave lots of extra time. Schedule a trial with your makeup artist to try out some looks and get an idea for their style. I always like to bring pictures for reference because sometimes it’s hard to communicate exactly what you want. I scheduled my hair and makeup trial for the same day as my engagement shoot so I could get an idea of how it would look in pictures. If you are not getting your makeup professionally done I would recommend that you still collect some images of makeup looks you like and start to play around with it. This will give you time to obtain any necessary products and see how the makeup looks in pictures. It’s not the best idea to try out something completely new on your wedding day. If you’re attempting something outside your normal makeup repertoire practice it several times in the months leading up to the wedding, allow extra time for application on the day, and bring makeup remover and Q-Tips in case you need a do over.

3. Sort out your tan plan. This may sound silly, but whether or not you want to sport a tan on your wedding day needs to be decided in advance. If you plan on getting a spray tan do a trial run to see how your skin will react. I would also recommend taking some pictures with your spray tan to make sure it doesn’t look too orange in photos. If you’re planning on getting a natural tan start early so that you can build up slowly rather than baking in the sun for hours too close to the wedding. If you do decide to tan remember to practice safe sun. Wear sun screen and limit your time spent laying out. If you are considering using a tanning bed please do your research first. I’ve linked to the World Health Organization web page for a reputable source on the dangers of using indoor tanning beds.