Bridal Beauty: 90 Days Before the Wedding


Three months from today Jonathan and I will be getting married. I’m not going to pretend I’m not stressed out about all the details. There’s just so much to do and most of it needs to be done in the last 30 days before the wedding. I just have to keep reminding myself that it will all come together and to enjoy the process. In preparation for my wedding I’ve stepped up my work out and beauty routine. I thought I would share a few tips from my bridal beauty routine 90 days before the big day!

1. Schedule a series of facials. I have fussy skin and all this pre-wedding stress isn’t helping it much. If your skin is like mine I’d recommend meeting with your esthetician at least 90 days before your wedding day to develop an at home skin care routine and schedule a series of facials. You’ll want to start as early as possible and avoid any drastic treatments too close to the big day.

2. Meet with your colourist. I went a little over kill with the highlights this winter. My colourist kept gently reminding me that I’d have to start adding some low lights soon as it was getting a little too light for me. I waited too long to start reigning it in and now it needs a ton of low lights to fix the colour. So learn from my mistakes and don’t make any big changes right before your wedding day. Schedule another appointment for 2-3 weeks before your wedding to touch up the colour.

3. Focus your work out routine. Up until this point I’ve being doing generic cardio. For the last 90 days before my wedding I plan to focus on toning up my bum and thighs and easing off on the cardio a little bit. If you aren’t working with a trainer there are lots of great routines available online and in fitness magazines. I like the Brazilian Butt Lift workout and Womens Health Magazine fitness routines.

4. Deep condition your hair. A few months ago a friend of mine tried to deep condition her hair using coconut oil. Since it was her first time using it she didn’t realize it shouldn’t be applied to your whole head. It took her weeks to get her hair back to normal. That’s why I recommend starting your deep conditioning treatment at least 90 days before the wedding. It gives you ample time to see how your hair reacts to the treatment. This is especially important because some conditioners can affect how well your hair holds a style. If the product is too heavy your hair will have time to adjust. You’ll also know how long it lasts so you can do another treatment the month before your wedding day.