Origins Clear Improvement Mask


My skin can be fussy. When I was in my late teens and early twenties irritants like poor diet, stress, or using the wrong cleanser would result, almost immediately, in relatively mild acne. Although the breakouts were annoying, the predictability made it easier to treat. I could quickly identify what was causing the problem and always had an arsenal of spot treatments on hand. More recently my skin has started registering its complaints in a variety of ways. A weekend of indulgent snacking could bring on a breakout or show up as dry, dull looking skin. A stressful week at work could lead to blotchy, irritated skin or it could show up as oiliness. To further complicate the problem, there seems to be a delay between the cause and effect. This makes it more difficult to identify what’s causing the problem. As a result I’m always playing catch up, trying to figure out what set my skin off and juggling multiple products to treat with. I recently picked up the highly rated Origins Clear Improvement Mask thinking I’d throw it into my rotation and see what it worked best on. Since then it’s become my go to for when my skin is acting up and I’m just not sure why. It unclogs pores, reduces oil, and brightens skin without being too drying. This little beauty seems to be a cure all for troublesome skin and takes some of the guess work out of my skin care routine.