Elephant Dress

imageI don’t do well in extreme heat. I can handle 28 degrees if there’s a nice breeze blowing but anything hotter than that and I just start to melt. So when Jonathan and I were in Thailand and the islands kept having rolling black outs I was having a tough time keeping my wits about me. No fans, no air conditioning, and no running water for a large part of the day is not my idea of fun! I didn’t think twice when I spotted this flowy cotton sun dress. It was so much more comfortable than the shorts and t-shirts I’d packed. Besides, there are so many tourists wandering around in loose fitting elephant printed garb in Thailand, I fit right in! I didn’t expect to get much wear out of it back home in the pacific northwest. However this summer was one of the hottest, sunniest years we’ve had in a long time and I’ve actually worn it quite a bit. It’s perfect for beach days or sunny summer afternoons on the patio.

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