French Bulldog Sweater


When Jonathan and I were living in Italy a friend of ours asked us to look after his french bulldog for a week while he went away for work. We agreed because we both love dogs and this frenchie was particularly cool. However, after a week our friend didn’t come back. Three weeks later we finally heard from him-his trip was being extended but he hoped to be back in a month. I don’t remember how long we actually had the dog before our friend finally turned up, gifts in hand, to claim his pup. After a while we just got used to having him there, it was like he was our dog and we both really liked it. During the day I’d take him everywhere with me and at night I’d rub his belly until he fell asleep and snored. We really missed him after he left and I’ve wanted a french bulldog ever since. While we definitely plan on getting a dog one day soon, it’s not in the cards just yet. In the mean time I’ll have to settle for this cute french bulldog sweater from Joe Fresh. I’ve paired it with my favourite skinny jeans from Plenty, a white Club Monaco shirt, and desert boots from Town Shoes.

IMG_9771 IMG_9784 IMG_9764