Tropical Date Night


About a month before we left for our honeymoon I was rushing through the mall tackling my to-do list when I spotted this bright high-low hem dress in the window of BCBG. I cautiously entered the store, telling myself that I was only going to try it on. However, the moment I got that dress on I knew I wanted it. It was bright and fun but also tremendously comfortable. The only problem was the price. It was not in the post wedding pre honeymoon budget. I left the dress on the rack and the moment I got home I started to regret it. Have you ever talked yourself out of a purchase you really wanted and realized too late that you made the wrong decision? Then said item becomes The One That Got Away and you are doomed to forever regret it (this means you, French Connection trench coat circa 2007). After about a week of agonizing over this dress I decided to just go for it and worry about it later when I got my credit card bill in the mail. I found the dress online and discovered to my joy that it had been marked down by 60% and I got free shipping! Clearly this dress was meant to be mine. It was the perfect piece to take to Hawaii for a night out. It’s sexy without being too obvious, rolls up in the suitcase with minimal wrinkling, and feels light and breezy on those hot Hawaiian nights. Unfortunately this piece is no longer available but I found some equally dreamy maxi dresses that would be perfect for a tropical date night here, here, and here.

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