The Carrot Cake Debate


I’ve never really been a dessert person. Jonathan, on the other hand, may actually cease to exist without his daily dose of sweets. So when it came time to choose the flavour for our wedding cake I gladly delegated that task to Jonathan. To be honest I thought he would just default to chocolate, but he threw a curve ball by choosing carrot cake. At first I thought it was a really odd choice for a wedding cake. Carrot cake is one of those love it or hate it things and I was worried half our guests would hate it and we’d be stuck with 30 extra servings of cake. After a few weeks of trying (not so subtly) to get him to change his mind I gave in. Now I’ve actually warmed up to the idea quite a bit. Go figure. Anyway all this talk of carrot cake inspired me, so I rolled up my sleeves and made a gluten free carrot cake on the weekend. I used a recipe from Julia Thomas’ gluten free cookbook called Cake Angels. It was pretty quick and, unlike some gluten free recipes, didn’t involve a lot of obscure ingredients. The recipes in this cookbook are by weight so I’d recommend tracking down a food scale before attempting any of them. Cake Angels is available here.

IMG_0123 IMG_0134