Engagement Photos


In late May Jonathan and I got together with our wedding photographer to do an engagement session. I met with my hair stylist before the shoot to try out some wedding hair ideas. It was a beautiful evening and the pictures that we saw off the back of the camera were exactly what we wanted. After our shoot the photographer gave Jonathan the memory card so that we could edit the photos at home. We meant to process the pictures right away but with all the wedding preparations going on it just got away from us. The following weekend Jonathan and a friend were involved in a fairly serious car accident while driving home from a hiking trip. Most of the things that were in the car were destroyed or lost, including the memory card with our engagement photos. This happened three months before our wedding day when most evenings and weekends were being dedicated to wedding errands and crafts. We were both pretty caught up in the stress of it all at that point. The accident put things back in perspective and helped us to refocus on our love for each other and stress less about having the perfect day. We re-shot the pictures a few weeks later. They turned out beautifully and carried a little extra significance for us.

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