My Five Favourite Podcasts About Sex and Love


I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit it but I have recently discovered podcasts. I mean, I knew what they were before I just never really listened to them. In the last few months I’ve started listening to them a lot at work and when I’m exercising and I am completely hooked on them. With Valentine’s Day in mind I thought I would share my top 5 favourite podcasts about love and sex. A quick word of warning before I begin-make sure your headphones are plugged in before you hit play, a few of these are most definitely NSFW!

Modern Love. This is quite possibly the greatest podcast of all time. It features readings from the New York Times column with a short interview with the essayist and editor at the end. The tag line on the website is “fall in love at first listen” and I honestly did. The stories are so touching and well presented, they’ve definitely had me tearing up at my desk once or twice. Start with “The Plunge” and work your way through, I promise you will be hooked too!

The Heart. Sometimes I have trouble listening to this one at work because it makes me blush! I guess I’m easily scandalized, but even for Victorians like me it’s quite addictive. The show is about love and intimacy and features fictional readings, interviews, and stories told first hand.

Guys We Fucked. This anti slut shaming podcast produced by comedians Corrine Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson will have you laughing out loud on first listen. The feminist duo spend the first half of the show responding to confessional emails and questions from listeners before moving on to featured guests or taped live stand up shows. Topics range from hilariously awkward sexual encounters to more serious subjects like rape and racial discrimination.

Love me. This podcast is only one season deep but I can already tell it’s going to be a good one. Exploring “the messiness of human connection”, stories range from the complicated relationship between a mother and daughter, a couple who cannot speak the same language or two friends who have never met in person.

Date/able Podcast. Each week dating expert hosts Yue and Michael hear a dating story from a San Francisco resident. Some of the stories are hilarious, some of them are shocking and pretty much all of them make me glad that I met my husband before dating apps became a thing!

Have you ever listened to any of these podcasts? What did you think of them? Or do you have another favourite that you tune in to every week? Leave me a comment below and let me know!