My 30th Birthday

Yesterday was my 30th birthday and it was such a special day, I wanted to make a quick post sharing some pictures and a few details about the day. I have been off work for the past few weeks recovering from a scheduled surgery, so I have been a little bit down lately and not been able to participate in the summer fun. Most weekends Jonathan and I are up at the crack of dawn on monstorous all day hikes or trying to cram mini weekend getaways in all summer long. It’s been tough watching the summer go by without me so I was dreading having such a monumental birthday while in this headspace. Thankfully my wonderful family and Jonathan did everything in their power to make this a special day for me and I was able to have a truly happy birthday.

The night before my birthday Jonathan and I went to my parents house for a celebratory barbecue. My mom went above and beyond putting together a delicious all vegetarian dinner for me and got the prettiest pink polka dot cake for me! It was a really nice, mellow summer night and I really enjoyed sitting on their deck having dinner. After dinner I was spoiled with a mountain of presents. It would have been a super low key night if not for the holy terror that is Poppy (the little white fluff with the cast and the devilish look in her eye!)

The next morning we were up early for brunch at one of my favourite spots with the best veggie eggs benny. After breakfast we went back home so I could have a nap (still on the mend and need lots of breaks during the day). Then we headed out to Sooke for a hike at Mystic Beach. I love Mystic Beach, although in recent years it seems to have become a bit too popular. Even on a Monday the beach was packed! Anyway, it was my first time hiking since the surgery and it felt great for me to get back out on the trail. Luckily its a very low key hike so I was able to take it slow. Once we got down to the beach Jonathan surprised me by pulling out of his backpack some snacks and a present! I opened it up and inside was a beautiful dress. I really have to give him credit for that, I feel like its a bold move for a guy to pick out a dress and the size and everything for his wife or girlfriend! I had casually mentioned that I liked the dress weeks ago as we walked by the shop window. I was completely surprised and was not expecting it at all!

After the hike we took a quick break in the parking lot so I could touch up my makeup and change into my new dress! Jonathan had packed his suit and some dress shoes. Then we headed out to dinner. Jonathan wouldn’t tell me where we were going and I had no idea until we pulled up in front of Sooke Harbour House! I’d never actually been there. It’s a beautiful little beach front resort best known for it’s artistically decorated rooms and Zagat rated restaurant. It was so lovely to sit at our table in front of the window and take in the beautiful view. Jonathan had timed it so we were seated in time for the sunset. Unfortunately the menu didn’t have many vegetarian options on it but the kitchen kindly whipped up a veggie starter and main for me! I always like it when we go to restaurants with no veg options and the waiter says “we’ll see what we can do” and comes out with a vegetarian concoction that they’ve whipped up. It’s like dinner roulette and I usually end up with something I never would have chosen for myself! Anyway, I think it leave it at that for my birthday post. I’m super grateful for another year and to be entering my 30’s feeling so loved and cared for.