Our Wedding: The Ceremony


On the morning of the wedding my bridesmaids met at my parent’s house and we all drove together with my mom and sister to my hair stylist’s salon. My hair stylist is family (she’s my sister’s sister in law) and she kindly allowed us to take over her salon for the morning so we could all get ready together. One by one she did our hair and makeup and we all had brunch and mimosas while finishing up some last minute crafts.


We ended up having to delay our ceremony by about 15 minutes because of heavy traffic going up to the venue. I had been pretty calm all morning but once I found out we were delayed I suddenly found myself really nervous. Thankfully I had my amazing bridesmaids there to help calm me down, especially my sister who really helped me feel grounded and calm going into the ceremony.


After what felt like forever Jonathan came up to the bridal suite to let us know that it was time to start and walk my Mom to her seat. I hid in the washroom while Jonathan came in but hearing his voice outside the door gave me butterflies in my stomach. After they’d left I came out of the bridal suite and lined up with my bridesmaids and groomsmen and my Dad.


The bridesmaids and groomsmen walked down the aisle to Ingrid Michaelson’s Can’t Help Falling in Love. My last bridesmaid to walk down the aisle was my best friend from elementary school. Right before she walked she turned to me and said this silly mantra that we’d been saying since Grade 6. It was such a sweet moment because I can remember us saying that we would say this mantra to each other on our weddings days. Then my song Van Morrison’s Sweet Thing started to play and my father walked me down the aisle. When I saw Jonathan standing there looking so handsome in the pink bow tie that he wore just for me I could feel the tears starting.


We didn’t write our own vows, however we met with our officiant before the ceremony and hand picked our vows line by line. I was having a pretty hard time keeping it together during the ceremony and I was told after that I was practically whispering. Thankfully Jonathan has a much louder speaking voice than me! Our officiant was a friend of my parents that they’ve known since high school. She’s a very warm and kind person and it meant a lot to me to have a family friend perform the ceremony.


At the end of the ceremony our officiant announced us for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Bell and we walked down the aisle to a cover of First Day of My Life by Anna Scouten. All of my nerves from the ceremony were gone at this point and I just felt overwhelmed with joy and excited for the reception to begin!

Thanks for reading, more about our reception and wedding day details to come!