Our Wedding: The Reception


We had planned on doing a proper entrance to our reception but I accidentally blew it. I had gone to the washroom with my sister to bustle my dress and then wandered into the reception area looking for Jonathan without realizing he was waiting outside to do the entrance with me. When I realized that I’d spoiled the entrance I snuck back out as quickly as I could so we could be announced as we entered the reception. At the time I didn’t see the point in re-doing the entrance, but now I’m glad we did.

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We really wanted our reception to be relaxed and intimate. To achieve this we opted to seat our guests at two long rectangular tables and to serve the food family style. From our seat at the head table we could look out at all our family and friends talking and passing the dishes to each other. It made it feel like sharing a meal at home and less like a formal function.


One of the questions I was asked a lot by family and friends when we were planning the reception was whether or not we would serve meat at our wedding. I have been a vegetarian for 13 years and it’s definitely something that I feel strongly about. However, Jonathan eats meat and I don’t ever want to push my beliefs on other people. In the end we decided to have all vegetarian sides dishes and that two of the three mains would be vegetarian. It seemed like a good compromise to have mostly vegetarian dishes with a meat option for those who wanted it.


After dinner a dessert of brick oven apple strudel was served and we started the speeches. This was hands down one of the best parts of the night. There were lots of laughs and plenty of tears. Jonathan was the last to speak and by this point I was already pretty emotional. At the end of his speech he said “Christine, now we will always have someone’s arms to fall into” which was so sweet and extra special because it’s the first thing I said to Jonathan on the night we met. I walked up to him and said “I need someone’s arms to fall into”. Which is quite the romcom line if I do say so myself!


After the speeches we had our first dance to Neil Young’s Harvest Moon. The song really suited the feeling of our wedding and it was really romantic to dance to it under the glowing string lights. After the song ended we invited all our guests to join us on the dance floor with a remix of Harvest Moon by Poolside. This was one of the most fun parts of the evening and I got to see some of my family and friend’s best dance moves! Before we knew it we were being called to cut the cake.


After everyone left we were given a lantern to walk down to the honeymoon suite. It was a beautiful clear night and we decided to take a walk through the orchard and look at the stars. On our way back to the honeymoon suite we stopped at the reception area and shared a dance together. No music or lights, just us and the stars.

The only word I have to describe how I felt on that day is overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with joy to be marrying the love of my life, overwhelmed by the love and support from all our friends and family, overwhelmed with gratitude to have so much love in my life.