Southern Thailand


Last November Jonathan and I took our dream holiday to Thailand. We packed super light and didn’t book anything in advance so we had the freedom to make up our itinerary as we went along. We spent the first half of the trip in the south relaxing on beaches and filling up on some amazing Thai food before going up north to see the temples of Chiang Mai and Bangkok.


Our first destination was the laid back beach town of Railay. Although it’s part of the mainland, the town of Railay is surrounded by huge limestone cliffs that make it only accessible by boat. It is a major destination for rock climbers who free climb the limestone cliffs. We stayed in a little bungalow in the jungle where we were woken up every night by monkeys on our roof. Most of our afternoons in Railay were spent hanging out at the beach and exploring the jungle. We spent a few evenings at a great beach bar with hammocks and bamboo loungers that hung over the edge of the water. It was the perfect spot to watch the sunset with a cocktail.

thailand-035 thailand-109 thailand-029 thailand-070 thailand-073

After Railay we went to the island of Koh Pi Pi. Koh Pi Pi is fairly small but very busy. With it’s stunning beaches, inexpensive accommodation, and fun party atmosphere Koh Pi Pi is an essential stop on any Thailand itinerary. Unfortunately part of our stay on Koh Pi Pi was spent in the hotel recovering from a bad case of food poisoning. Thankfully we recovered in time to enjoy the spectacular beaches and go on a snorkeling tour.

thailand-155 thailand-168

The snorkeling tour was the highlight of our time on Koh Pi Pi. We took a long tail boat to the nearby island of Pi Pi Leh, which is best known for being the location of the movie The Beach.

thailand-187 thailand-190

We spent about an hour at the beach before getting back in our boat and going around the other side of the island to snorkel. It was our first time snorkeling and it took a while to get used to the idea of breathing underwater. Once I finally got comfortable in the water it was nothing short of amazing. There were hundreds of bright yellow fish right below the surface! Jonathan bravely fed a piece of pineapple to a fish (I tried but it freaked me out too much). We climbed back in the boat and went around the corner to a bay of bright blue water surrounded by cliffs. I could have stayed there all day just floating in that water.

thailand-196 thailand-198 thailand-199

We spent two nights on the island of Koh Samui before heading up north to Chiang Mai for a change of pace. I’ll be doing another post on the cities and temples of northern Thailand next week. Thanks for reading, I’d love to hear from you. What was your most memorable holiday?